Roll-Your-Own Sensor

Roll-your-own sensor code (for advanced users)

For the more advanced PIC programmer, the IRCF360 is pin-for-pin compatible with the PICkit2 programmer (from Microchip), which is available from many distributors such as Farnell. See Mircochip's website for more details -> here

With a spare PIC16F88 chip (also from our shop), why not try to roll-your-own sensor codes. For example, make a 3-Dimensional dynamic midi sensor that plays music or a drum machine based on the sensor reading. See example midi code and firmware to try -> here. or perhaps your own infrared remote control routines?

It's easy to start programming your own PIC (tm microchip) using one of the many compilers on the market these days, such as:

Visual Basic programming style IDE