Roll-Your-Own IRCF360 using a PICkit2

Advanced Experimentation with PIC Programming, PICkit2 and the IRCF360

The IRCF360 is pin-for-pin compatible with the PICkit2 and PICkit3 to enable advanced users to easily just plugin and re-program the IRCF360 firmware for any application you like, for example. see the IRCF360 and Midi interface as an example, where drum machine and music is created using the fingers over the sensor.

To change the firmware, all you need is to insert a BLANK PIC16F88 microprocessor (see the shop) run the PIC2 programmer to upload your own .hex files.

Before doing so you'll need to have 'rolled-your-own' code in C++. C# , Basic or other programming language. To get you going a library in C++ and Proton Basic will be available soon with some key routines. These details will arrive in due course.

Programming Design

(under construction)