Step 6 - Various

Assembly Instructions - Step 6 - Various pack ( & final assembly steps)

Unpack the resistor pack.

    • Pin header Male (UART)— 3 pins x 1

    • Pin header Male (5v/GND/ICSP)— 5 pins x 1

    • Capacitor C2— 100uF

    • Capacitor C1— 0.1uF

Inserting and solder C1

Inserting and soldering C2

1. Note that one lead of C2 is shorter than the other.

The short leg needs to go into the '-' side

2. First, using flat nose pliers, bend the leads of C2 at 90 degrees as shown in the picture. Pay attention to the direction of the bend:

The short leg is the right leg above

3. Insert C2 so it rests onto of the resistor in front of the IC holder.

4. Use masking tape to hold in position

5. Turn the board over and solder

Inserting Pin-headers JP1 and UART

1. Insert the pin headers on the SOLDER side of the board. This is to ensure no cables can interfere with the signals

2. It is easiest to hold the pin-header in place with one finger whilst solder one of the pins into position. It is only necessary to 'tack' soldering i.e. melt a small solder blob onto one pin to hold the pin header in position.

3. Be continuing to solder the other pins, check that the pin header is straight and pushed all the way in so the base is flat against the PCB.

4. Solder the next pin (not the one that's holding the connector in position otherwise it will fall out again.

5. re-solder the first pin that was only tack-soldered

It should then be possible to turn the PCB upside down without the pin header falling out.

Whilst holding the pin-header in position, pay attention not to tack solder the pins that you are actually holding, as these will get very hot and may burn the finger.

Assembly Completion

1. Insert the PIC chip into the IC holder. Notice the slot on the PIC chip should be on the left side as shown in the picture below

2. Insert the Infrared receiver (legs bent as according to step 5) so that it lies flat on top of the PIC microcontroller; as follows:

3. User masking tape to retain the sensor in place whilst turning upside down and soldering into position

4. turn the PCB over and solder in place

Congratulations the assembly is finished!! Now refer to the user manual for interfacing to your project.