Step 5 - Infrared

Assembly Instructions - Step 5 - Infrared pack.

Unpack the resistor pack:

    • Infrared LED (3mm) x 8

  • Infrared Sensor x 1

    1. Using the flat-nosed pliers and bend the light transmitter and received leads as follows. Note that the IR transmitters have one leg shorter than the other. In the same reasons mentioned in step 2 for LED's, it's very important that the IR LED's leads are bent and inserted into the PCB the correct way around as otherwise they won't work. Incorrectly inserting one LED the incorrect way will also effect other IR LED's and the Red LED's. It also very difficult to identify an incorrectly LED after it has been inserted.

Note the direction the IR LED's have been bent. This is important !

2. Insert all the IR LEDs into the PCB from the SOLDER side (i.e. the side where no white marking have been printed). Note that the SHORT leg will be be soldered to the square pad on the PCB. Notice that the IR LED rests on top of the soldered joints of the red LED, so ensure these have been cut as close to the PCB as possible. The IR LED needs to rest straight in parallel with the PCB.

3. Using masking tape position the IR LED's in position.

4. Double check that all IR LED's have been inserted the correct way round

5. Turn the PCB over and solder all the IR LED in position. Keep making sure that the IR LED's are straight.

5. Bend the IR sensor 7,5mm from the base of the plastic casing (see diagram above). It should look like this:

DON'T solder this in place yet. This is done at the end after completing the next steps in pack 6.