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... getting innovative ideas into motion - no matter your age or skill level

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We sincerely hope we can inspire you to take up this really exciting hobby !

Our mission is to provide configurable kits - complete with mechanical & electronic parts bundled together with working code and wiring examples; simplifying your project and the integration between mechanics, electronics and kinetic art -

We truly believe interactive robot making is exciting & great fun! - no matter your age or skill level.

We are inventors with no respect for the status quo and a passion to simplify the integration between DIY electronics, maker stuff, robotics, quadcopters / UAV, micro mechanics (mechatronics), kinetic art, etc. - our passion is to help get your innovative ideas into motion.....faster!

ROBOTmaker is a project, run by a small team of part-time (trouble) makers, robotics enthusiasts, independent thinkers, kinetic artists.

We're launching a completely new 360 degree programmable proximity sensor which includes ambient light sensors & packed with many new commands !

This adds another great addition to your Maker project using Arduino, Micro Quadcopters

flight controllers and robot controllers.

Product News

360 Degree - Multi-function programmable proximity sensor modules

QuadCopter Project

Some of our team are running a proof-of-concept (PoC) and checking the best method to interface our 360 degree proximity sensor to the Frysky / CDD3 flight controllers to achieve assisted autonomous flight. Follow this project here or on Facebook.

Some key functions are:

    • 360 degree IR proximity sensing in 3D space (with no moving parts). Interfaces via simple RS232 connection to arduino or other microcontrollers

  • 3D HID Mouse or Joystick PC Control for gaming (additional board required with ATmega32U4 AVR, e.g Teensy, Arduino / Genuino Micro )

  • 3D Air Gestures to create a musical instrument using midi interface (additional board required e.g Teensy 2.0 with midi emulator)

Multi-functional programmable sensor module for 360 degree interactive object sensing, ambient light sensing and inter-device communication for your maker, kinetic art or robotics projects.

Using the onboard RS232 serial interface, these modules can be connected directly to your Arduino,QuadCopter Flight Controller, PIC (microchip) project, enabling object sensing, in 3D space, gesture sensing, infrared remote control functionality to your projects. Simple IR interactive communications between devices and directional ambient 'day-light' sensing (e.g. for photovore & photophobe experiments)....read more


Micro Size Robot Chassis

soon to be launched for robot swarms, robot gaming and nano sumo robot competition

A range of Nano and Macro sized chassis will be ready for launching soon. The first chassis to be launched is a Nano size chassis with belt drive and nano geared motors. These are suitable for robot swarms or nano competition robot.

The nano competition size robot chassis (25mm x 25mm x 25mm) will be first available as a 'pre-production' kit.These will be produced on a 'on-demand' basis in small batches...Read More


Miniature Geared Motors

We are stocking up with various geared motors, suitable for Nano and Micro size Sumo robot competitions. These latest Nano sized motors are a real beauty with 25:1 planetary gear reduction ideally suitable for Nano competitions!....Read More

Quadcopter / UAV 360 degree sensing project

We have started an opensource PoC to review interfacing our 360 degree proximity sensor (IRCF360) to quadcopter / UAV for improved autonomous proximity detection and obstacle avoidance.If you are interested to help please let us know.

Sensorium Project (PoC) - Touchless Control

We have started an opensource 3D-360-degree Multi-touch(less) HID sensor project that uses our 360 degree IR sensor for gesture control of Arduino, Teensy Projects and Java, Processing.org sketches and eventually Android 3D App interfaces. See video

Anyone interested to develop their own sketches further is welcome to reuse our processing Sketches ...read more