Prototyping Services

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Swarm Robot Solution

ROBOTmaker is a total solution provider for the Jasmine, I-Swarm and other robot swarm projects.

We can support your design and development projects during the complete project life-cycle within all all areas:

ROBOTmaker's Development Roadmap

ROBOTmaker user conform to the recommend ITIL phase for product and process development. We have Prince2 and PMI trained project managers to support you with your project.

Strategy Phase -

    • Development of program objectives

    • project planning,

    • budget control

    • Complete solution specifications ready for the design stage

    • Update of product catalogue

Design Phase - Creation of specification, conceptual designs, CAD design, prototypes

    • Concept Designs and 3D renderings

    • Configuration of prototypes

      • 3D - CNC machining or printing of prototypes

      • Rapid development of electronic PCB's and electtonics

      • firmware development of prototypes from a large library of routines

    • Electronic Design

    • Mechanical Design

    • Development of draft documentation and user guides

    • Testing of prototypes

Build Phase and Transition Phase - Building the first production samples. Getting the organisational ready to support the solution.

    • Completion of CAD designs, CNC programs

    • Support with make or buy decision and evaluation of 3rd party suppliers

    • Electronic Designs

    • PCB Designs

    • CNC Programming

    • CNC Machining - Milling, Turning, Laser Cutting, Etching, etc

    • Firmware programming

    • Course Material

    • Development of documentation portal for easy access and control of documentation

    • Testing (unit testing and user acceptance tests)

    • Train-The-Trainers program

    • Preparation for go-live

Production Phase - Ramp-up of live production

    • 1st /2nd / 3rd level Support to end-users (as specified)

    • Additional User training

    • Update and maintenance of documentation

    • Process optimisation

ROBOTmaker are happy to support you with your next project, Just email with some details of your requirements and our project manager will contact you..

Customised solutions for your swarm project

Special Chassis development and manufacture

We have our own CNC workshop facilities to ensure a quick turn-around of special parts. Ideal for prototyping of solutions in small quantities before going into production of your swarm.

If you are squeezed for time, we can also support you with the complete assembly of your swarms robots, including any pre-loading of your firmware code. We can carry out your PCB design and arrange for PCB manufacture

ROBOTmaker can support your project with the development of a self assembly robot swarm kit, including all course program, assembly and experiment instructions and all other documentation for easy distribution and quick assembly by your research team.