Nano Chassis

Nano Chassis - Belt Drive 1

We are preparing to launch pre-production* versions of our 'nano' robot chassis.This simple robot chassis is designed to give you a quick start with your micro robot project.

The 25mm x 25mm x 25mm nano chassis, was specifically designed for swarm robot projects, and Nano sumo competition, but can be used for any other small robot project.

The chassis has been designed to be used with the MegaBitty robot controller boards with a 20mm x 20mm fixing holes pitch (see drawing for details).

The robot chassis is provide as a complete chassis kit:

    • 1x Flatpack chassis body and battery shelf

    • 2x Wheel components (ball bearing, wheel, screw fixing)

    • 2x Nano Geared Motor

In addition to the robot chassis you will need the following components:

    • Megabitty PCB (from BittyBot)

    • Loader for loading your program into the Megabitty

    • Li-Po Battery (max 25 x 25 x 10

In addition you will of course need some tools to assemble your robot chassis (see instructions). See also the FAQ below.

Item: Nano Chassis - Belt Drive 1

Item No: 10001

* What does 'pre-production' mean? These chassis are manufactured in small batches of 10 and therefore are "made to order". This means that we collect orders for manufacture each week and run the production whenever the order volumes reach > 10 pieces. This may be 1x per week or month. This will mean that the lead-times will take an additional time before the chassis kit can be dispatched.