Appendix A - Safety


We would like you to have fun with your Infrared Control Freak robot project, so please read and observe the safety warnings and disclaimer below carefully.

Young Technicians & Adult Supervision

Even though the device is suitable for children over 14 years old, it is recommended that any soldering, testing and use of this module is carried our under adult supervision

Risk of Choking

The module contains small electronic parts, which may break-off, if it is mishandled, dropped, thrown, and chewed. The small electronic parts that could fall off, may look like sweets to small children so there is a risk of choking if the small parts are swallowed. PLEASE keep all small parts away from small children, especially children under 5 years old.

Soldering Irons

Be very careful with the soldering iron! Grab it by the cool end (normally made of plastic) as the metal end gets hot enough to melt solder and will therefore also severely burn your skin if touched.

Please read and observer the manufactures instructions. It is assumed that you have done soldered before. If this is your first time soldering then please read the tips & tricks on the following websites:

To avoid fire hazard, remember to turn the soldering Iron OFF after use!

Safety goggles

To reduce the risk of eye accidents we strongly suggest you wear safety goggles when soldering or assembling parts to the device. Great care should be taken when cutting wire, as pieces can shoot off at great speed. Solder may also splash during soldering.

Always use safety glasses before you start soldering or working on the module.

Infrared light

Infrared light is not the same as a Laser, however it is advisable not to look directly into the Infrared LED’s when the unit is activated. Infrared light is not visible to the naked eye, so the eyes won’t be able to react to intense IR light in the same way as natural light. Use a video camera with ‘night vision’ function, whenever you need to test the IR LED’s are working correctly..


The Microprocessor on the IRCF-L module, can be easily damaged if you touch it without being grounded. To avoid static damage to the Microprocessor, you should ensure that you have connected an antistatic cable and have all components placed on an antistatic mat.

Correct Power Connection

When connecting power to the unit, observe the maximum power limits, correct polarity and pin connections. Failure to connect correctly will destroy the Infrared Control Freak module. Some parts, such as the electrolytic capacitor may explode if inserted the wrong way round.