Let's Start Building!

Let's Start Building!

The following assembly instructions assume that you have purchased the full kit version, where all the parts will arrive in a small package with various smaller packages of components. The separate packages makes it easier to organised the assembly in a logical manner.

All parts are quality controller and check that they have been added to the package

6. Various Pack

All components are grouped into the following sub-packs for easier assembly. Please be careful not to mix the light sensors in the 4. Light Sensor Pack up with the 5. Infrared Pack - as these look very similar. This also applies to the resistors !

1. Microcontroller Pack

    • PIC16F88 x 1

    • IRCF360 Firmware (pre-loaded)

    • IC socket - 18 pin x 1

    • PCB — IRCF360 v1.0 x1

2. Resistor Pack

    • 10K x 1 (for ICSP)

    • 220R x 6 (LED & IR LED voltage limiting)

3. LED Pack

    • LED Red (3mm) x 8

4. Light Sensor Pack

    • Light Sensor x 2

    • Resistor 470K x 2

5. Infrared Pack

    • Infrared LED (3mm) x 8

  • Infrared Sensor x 1

    • Pin header Male (UART)— 3 pins x 1

    • Pin header Male (5v/GND/ICSP)— 5 pins x 1

    • Capacitor C2— 100uF

    • Capacitor C1— 0.1uF

Study all the parts in each pack to become more familiar with what they do and where they go on the PCB. Here are some drawings to help you:

    • The PCB placement drawing parts are details in here -> user manual appendix H:

    • Background & specifications of the parts are here - > BOM Data Sheets

    • The Circuit Diagram is here -> Circuit Diagram

    • If you ordered the barebone version, here is BOM list for you to easily make a purchase order with Mouser / Digikey / Farnell / Conrad, etc. -> (this link is currently under development)

Before soldering any components, try to familiarise yourself with the circuit diagram in Appendix G and the board layout diagram in Appendix H.

Notice some components are placed on the ‘COMPONENT SIDE’ (where all the white outlines are drawn) and most will be soldered on the 'SOLDER SIDE' .

OK, that enough chat.…. plug in your soldering iron and let’s get started!