023 - Sony TX - Single Direction - Continuous

Summary - Same as command 022, but transmission is continuous. A Sony SIRC (12-bit) infrared remote control command is transmitted on a specified IRLED continuously. Command is exited as soon as another command is sent to the IRCF360.


23 <button code> <device code> <index> (decimal format)


BYTE1: 23 = (the command)

BYTE2: Button Code

BYTE3: Device Code

BYTE4: Index

(0= North, 1=North East, 2=West, 3=South East, 4=South, 5=South West, 6= West, 7=North West)

Response from IRCF360:

No Response on serial port (unless command 10 was previously sent to IRCF360 to request an echo of each command)

Circular Display Feedback:

The respective LED will illuminate with increased intensity depending on the distance detected


Transmits a continuous stream of Sony (SIRC 12-bit ) Infrared commands via a specified IRLED (Byte 4). Otherwise similar to command 020 and 022

Any combination of device code+ button code can be transmitted. This is used for transmitting IR signals or message to other robots for gaming or swarm control or to other IR devices that can interpret Sony the 12bit SIRC standard IR messages, such as some cameras, televisions, etc.

Technical Features

The IRCF360 transmits 12-bit infrared package. Sony also have a 15-bit version. See "Principle of IR remote control" for more details

Example Code:


The PICAXE 18X does not have a 'time-out' function, so it will 'hang' if the timing of the serial communication is not correct. With the new X2 parts these have a time-out routine so the command can be retransmitted.


SEROUT b.2,T9600_8, (23,25,26,0) ' Send button code 22 and device code 25, once only

SERIN 2,T9600_8, button_code, device_code


For Basic Stamp

SEROUT 2, 84, [23,4,1,0]

SERIN 2, 84, TIMEOUT, [N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW]