Home Automation

Controlling and making home automation devices using Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

We are tickering around with some simple Arduino based sensors for sensing and controller home automation devices; such like;

    • Temperature sensors to control your central heating radiators,

    • Watering plants Greenhouse

    • Beer temperature and fermentation controller

HAB Android application is a native client for openHAB. It uses REST API of openHAB to render sitemaps of your openHAB. It also supports my.openhab.org including push notifications. Release version of the app is always available for installation through Google Play Development snapshots are available for download on CloudBees

    • Control your openHAB server and openHAB Cloud instance

    • Receive notifications from openHAB Cloud

    • Change items via NFC tags

    • Send voice commands to openHAB

    • Discover devices and add them as items

    • Supports wall mounted tablets

. Some useful links:

The projects will be detailed here once we get some exciting stuff to share.

Fritzbox / AVM home automation:

    • https://github.com/nischelwitzer/smartfritz

  • https://avm.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Global/Service/Schnittstellen/AHA-HTTP-Interface.pdf

IoT and the thethingsnetwork

    • https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/applications/