Arduino Control of Stepper Motors

This page reviews some ways of controlling Stepper motors using Arduino and the some various CNC shields.

Connecting 28BYJ-48 directly to Arduino UNO CNC Shield using GRBL.

Most of these 28BYJ-48 type geared motors can be connected directly to the CNC shield without a need to use the ULN2003 Driver Board.

From the CNC shield connect the following wires:

1 ->Pink

2 -> Orange

3 -> Red

4 ->Blue

Leave the middle yellow wire disconnected as that's not needed.

Run GRBL on the CNC shield. Connect for 64 micro-steps (all jumpers connected). the motor requires 4096 pulses for one revolution, but with 64 micro-steps, set the configuration for

    • $100=32768 X Axis steps/mm. 32768 is 8*4096.which will give you 1 rev per millimeter, which needs to be adjusted depending on your own belt or geared setup accordingly.

    • $110 = 100. X Axis maximim velocity (mm/min)

    • $120 = 20 X-Axis Acceleration (mm/sec2)