About Us


ROBOTmaker is a project that is developing educational and hobby robotic solutions.

We specialise in the design and development of micro sized robots and robot kit solutions for schools, university / college research projects, robot swarm projects, robot clubs and hobby robot enthusiast.

Snappy with grippers

Our Philosophy

Our teams philosophy is to share the results of our project developments to inspire technology students, hobby robotics enthusiasts and any budding technologists into the exciting world of mechatronics, robotics and robot competitions; using simple robot kits, ready-made electronic modules, simple programming tools & step-by-step mechanical solutions

We truly believe robot making is great fun! - no matter your age or skill level.

We sincerely hope we can inspire you to take up this really exciting hobby.

Website Language

The website is English to allow us to reach as a wider group of customers.

Our slogan

Our slogan comes from a toy shop in Bergen, Norway.

It was translated from: - "Vi sluuter ikke med å leke fordi vir blir gamle; ....vi blir gamle fordi vi slutter å leke! "

it means: - "We don't stop playing because we get old; ....we get old because we stop playing !"

We thought how precisely this statement matched the average ROBOTmaker ! ... so we decided to translate it and adopt it as part of the ROBOTmaker slogan.

Clubs, Schools and Colleges

We are a total solutions provider to Educational Authorities and Hobby Clubs. Our approach is to work closely with you to design and build simple, 'step-by-step' robot solutions for the class-room, research labs and hobby robot clubs.

We can prepare complete 'student kits'; including all course material if required. We would be happy to discuss your latest projects.

Please contact: sales@ROBOTmaker.eu

Our team wish you Happy Robot Making!