078 - Circular Display - Rotate anti-clockwise

Summary - Circular LED display routine that turns on an LED in a anti-clockwise direction. 


78  <BYTE2> <BYTE3><BYTE4>  (decimal format)


BYTE2: Period (ms) the LED is turned on/off   - Default 30
BYTE3: (No Function)
BYTE4: 0= one shot
            255 = Continuous

Response from IRCF360:
No Response on serial port (unless command 10 was previously sent to IRCF360 to request an echo of each command)

Circular Display Feedback:
LED's will turn on in turn

Will trigger the Circular display to turn on one led in an anti-clockwise direction. The time each LED is illuminate is determined by BYTE2 

It is used as a visual indicator and to give an indication of a specific state or mood.The speed is determined by Byte2  where default is 100ms     

Technical Features

Example Code:

Exmaple PICAXE Code 

SEROUT b.2,T9600_8, (78 100,0,255)  ' Illuminate the Circular Display in an anti-clockwise direction -  illuminating each LED for 100ms


IRCF360 - Command 78 - Circular Display - Rotate (Fast)

IRCF360 - Command 78 - Circular Display - Rotate (Slow)