Step 2 - Resistors

Assembly Instructions - Step 2 - Resistor pack

Unpack the resistor  pack. 

  • 10K x 1 (for ICSP) 
  • 220R x 6 (LED & IR LED voltage limiting) 

Bend all the leads of the resistors using flat nose pliers as follows:


Then bend the other leg.

First insert all the 220ohm resistors as marked on the PCB in positions:

  • R2
  • R3
  • R4
  • R7
  • R14
Note that the resistors have colour bands around them. the colour bands depict the value of the resistor. The codes are explained -> here

Stick down the resistors with a small piece of masking tape, turn over the board and then solder.

 Do the same with the 10K  and 470 K resistors.

Subpages (1): Resistor Colour Codes