Step 1 - µController

Assembly Instructions - Step 1 - Microcontroller pack.

Open the pack 1 - Microcontroller pack. 

  • PIC16F88 x 1 
  • IRCF360 Firmware (pre-loaded) 
  • IC socket - 18 pin x 1 
  • PCB — IRCF360 v1.0 x1

You'll see the PIC microcontroller chip has been inserted into the IC-socket and placed on the PCB for easier transportation. 

Carefully remove the PIC microcontroller from the IC socket (i.e. placing small screwdriver under the IC and lifting upwards on each side of the IC). Pay attention not to bend the legs of the microcontroller during this processes, as these can break very easily.

Check the the IC-Socket has been inserted onto the board the correct way around. Notice there is a small slot moulded into the IC socket body. The slot shape is also printed onto the printed circuit board (PCB). The slot is a guide to help you remember which way to insert the microprocessor. 

It's important to insert the IC Socket the correct way round to help you know which way round the microcontroller should be inserted later.  

Turn the PCB upside down and check also that all pins of the IC holder can be seen. Ensure that some legs have been bent over  to stop the socket falling out again.

Carefully solder the IC socket pins into place, taking care not to create any solder bridges across the
legs. Test all the pin connections with a circuit testing to ensure there are no short circuits.