Effector Redesing- PoC

We are looking into designs for n:1 filament i.e. multi filaments going into 1 extruder. 

  • Effector Plate re-design specfications:
    • Less weight & less inertia
    • Magnetic Balls effector plates and arms
    • Automated hot-end tool changer
      • Change hot-end heads
      • Change Laser cutter
      • PCB Laser Exposure
    • Integrated layer cooling fan
    • Intelligent-Print-head 
      • Integrated Arduino controller with serial, I2C connection to Rambo board for more local control and telemetry
      • Bluetooth or WLAN Telemetry transmission for remote analysis
      • Control of lighting
      • Control of Servo
      • Giro Sensors for telemetry Data ( MPU6050 , BMP180, and the HMC5883L)
      •  IR proximity sensor 
      • Multiple Servo control using 
      • Own power-source
      • Steppermotor drives for advanced clamping control
  • Single Bowden Extruder for multiple filaments
      • Single barrel drive hob Gear to drive multiple filamets
      • Servo controlled idle gear for selective pressure of filaments
  • Inductive Hot-End heater - avoiding hot end heater cartridge, hot-end sink and hot-end fan
  • PEI Hotbed film
  • Auto-Levelling using LoadCell (keeping