Laser PCB Prototyping - Eagle to GCode review

Below are some links and tools for conversion of Eagles CAM files to G-Code.

Open  Type Name  Link   Description
Open source  GRBL Controller  Chillpr      Really cool web-based CNC controller supporting isolation milling and to some extent lasering. Nice feature is that you can upload Eagle board files directly into the app and it does the rest. It would be nice if Laser isolation exposing was better support but there are work-arounds. 
PCB   Python script for creating G-Code files for isolation milling and drilling. Tutorial
Opensource  Pre-processor  FlatCAM FlatCAM   Open-source PCB G-Code generator. Really nice tool for PCB isolation Milling. It can be used also for Laser exposure but requires some additional effort. Eagle Gerber and Excellon files are uploaded into various various "layers" which are then converted into G-Code files. Supports 2-sided boards.  Includes Viewer, Isolation Routing, support for Double-sided boards [26]
PCB  TBD  FlatCAM FlatCAM   Application for calculating machining toolpaths (G-code) for manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) by isolation milling. As an outstanding feature, this calculation is done on the computer's screen, using the features of 3D graphics drivers.
PCB    drl2ngc drl2ngc   Bash script to convert Excellon drill files (.drl) to g-code (.ngc) files.[27]
PCB    PCB-Gcode PCB-Gcode   Script for generating G-code for milling a PCB out an Eagle PCB layout. See also Stencil-Gcode for generating an SMD stencil. Yahoo group(from this helpful post)
PCB    FreePCB FreePCB   A free, open-source PCB editor for Microsoft Windows, released under the GNU General Public License.
PCB    Line Grinder Line Grinder   Gerber to GCode Isolation Milling. MIT. Windows.
PCB    pcb2gcode pcb2gcode   Imports standard gerber RS274-X and Excellon files, and creates fully EMC2-compatible RS274-NGC files. Will not run on Windows, includes Voronoi region analysis.
PCB (Mac OS X 10.8 or later)    Otherplan Otherplan   Imports Eagle (.brd), Gerber (.gtl and .grb), G-Code (.nc and .tap), PCBmodE (.svg) --- intended for use w/ the OtherMill, but outputs standard G-code.
PCB (online generator)   Online tool to generate G-Code from board design files.
PCB (online generator)    SimpleGCoder SimpleGCoder   Online tool to build circuit boards, which generates G-Code for CNC.
Previewer    gerbv gerbv   Free/Open Source Gerber Viewer.                                                                
Previewer  G-.Code Simulatorwebgcode     webgcode
Previewer GCodeViewer