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G-Code for Rostock MaxV2

Useful links:

  • G-Code overview: http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code#M340:_Control_the_servos
Controlling hotend servos on the Rostock:

  • Think of extruder 0 as origin. Then you can set extruder 1 offset in firmware with negative z coordinate as it will be below extruder 0 when active. Then set for extruder 1
  • select command: M400\nM340 P0 S1950 R600\nG4 P300   (Note:R600 means wait for 600ms before turning off the servos to stop jittering)
  • deselect command: M340 P0 S1050 R600\nG4 P300

Adding  g-code commands between the " " in the config.h separating each code with /n
  • #define EXT0_SELECT_COMMANDS ""
  • #define EXT1_SELECT_COMMANDS ""
Link to configuration tool: -> https://www.repetier.com/firmware/dev/index.php